Saturday, February 11, 2017

Summer Pedagogy Seminar

Please read this posting from Patrick Owens, a friend and brilliant Latinist - one of the best in the world.

"I'll be offering a pedagogy seminar introducing active Latin methodology and its classroom applications. The seminar will run from June 19-21, and will be hosted by the Wethersfield Institute in Armenia, NY (with easy transport from NYC airports). Sessions will include (among other topics) a history of the direct (aka "natural") method, how to lesson plan for immersion classrooms, précis and discussion of current research on SLA and Classical language pedagogy, building resources, and how to transition from the grammar-translation method. The event will be professionally catered on the gorgeous and historic Wethersfield Estate, where participants will enjoy exquisite accommodations.

Thanks to a very generous grant from the Wethersfield Institute, the cost of this event, which includes meals, accommodations and the seminar sessions, is just $200.

For more information, please see: . Thank you, in advance, for sharing this announcement."

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