Tuesday, April 7, 2020

New Resource

Amīci Carissimī et Amīcae Amātae! Salvēte!

I'm happy to announce that the guided conversations on this site that are typically reserved for my enrolled students are now available to everyone who needs to learn Latin independently at home. I hope that opening up the conversation resource linked to the "Speak" tab on this blog will help you to learn more Latin during the Coronavirus crisis. If you need even more learning support than I can provide on this blog, like a full learning management system with graded tests, quizzes, and exercises, please visit my webpage www.SCHOOLofLATIN.com.

My appreciation goes out to everyone who has found this blog useful and has shared it with others. Rest assured that through this crisis I will continue to create new free resources every day designed to help you learn at home. Please let me know which ones you find particularly useful.

Sub manus vestras succedant omnes!

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